Be Careful, Henna Tattoos Contain Harmful Blends

You are advised to be more careful in using henna tattoos because these tattoos apparently contain substances that may not be good for health. Additional dyes on henna can also cause dangerous skin reactions and should not be used on your skin. So far, henna is used as a hair dye, body coloring, nail coloring, or as a temporary tattoo ink. In India, henna is known as mehndi and is used for body painting, especially at wedding ceremonies. Meanwhile, Indonesian people often refer to it as "boyfriend". Henna comes from a plant with the Latin name Lawsonia inermis which is brownish red and grows in many tropical and subtropical regions, such as South Asia and Africa. In Indonesia, this plant is known as henna. The leaves are pounded, then used as natural coloring or temporary tattoo ink. Temporary tattoos alone can last for three days to several weeks depending on the type of dye used and the condition of your skin. Henna Contains Hazardous Ingredients Although derived from
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